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Condo Inspection Services

Professional Condo Inspection Services

It seems like you are just a step away from moving to a newly constructed Condo!!

Have you thought about condo inspection and assuring yourself about investing in the right property?

If not, then think about it as the newly constructed property inspection is essential for several reasons. It’s quite sure you won’t be able to do it as the qualified and experienced professionals offering certified condo inspection services in a well-versed way.

Vantage Pointe Home Inspection Services is there for you as our certified professionals do the task diligently and make you aware of the essential things required before shifting to the newly constructed condo. A full interior and exterior inspection of the condo is required, which can proficiently be done by professionals who have comprehensive knowledge about the process.


From checking electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, our professionals also ensure that proper insulation is done in the property to make the residents feel comfortable throughout. There are no open apertures in the property where the warmth in the winter and chilling environment sneaks out of the property.

At VP home inspection, our experienced professionals take a general overview of the exteriors and look at the common spaces as well as take essential photographs to create a detailed report as everything is noted by them during the inspection and taken down fairly for proper presentation of issues found in the property

Why Choose Vantage Pointe Home Inspection Services?

There are certain reasons why you should choose us for professional condo inspection services in Hartford/Enfield, CT.

  • Our certified condo inspection services include comprehensive scrutinization of the newly constructed Condo in terms of mold inspection or damage in water and gas pipelines to develop a neutral or unbiased report.


  • Our licensed and qualified professionals have comprehensive knowledge to test the quality of walls and indoor air quality alongside checking of proper ventilation as these are the attributes of certified condo inspection experts.


  • Thorough and cost-effective home inspection services are our specialties, and we do all the tasks keeping quality parameters in consideration. The grading given during the property inspection is based on certain criteria essential for the safety of residents who will be making their way into the condo soon. That’s the reason we are preferred for the new construction condo inspection services


What do we include in Condo Inspection Services?


Here are the aspects that are covered by our professionals at Vantage Pointe Home Inspection Services while checking the newly constructed condo property before you move into it

  • Interior Room by Room Inspection

We do a detailed inspection of the condo’s interior, assessing the general condition with comprehensive checking of wall condition as well as fittings and fixtures to make a note of everything, including the possibilities of issues due to moisture intrusion


  • Plumbing system Inspection

It involves an entire inspection of plumbing work, including the smooth passage in drainage lines as well as the proper working of gas supply lines as well as water heater connections


  • Electrical system inspection

A thorough inspection of the electric panel inside the unit to ensure proper channelizing of branch wiring circuits, fuses and a proper check of its capacity to add more wiring.


  • HVAC inspection

A proper check of home heating and cooling system to ensure the general condition and prepare notes if the essential repairs are required due to one or the other reasons.


  •  Common areas

We check every nook and corner of the home, including common areas like storage spaces, attics, and parking areas, to make sure these areas have no major issues that require to be taken care of

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