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Thermal Imaging Inspections

Want to Know The Potential Issues in Property That Remain Concealed If Left  Unchecked

Our specially trained inspector at Vantage Pointe Inspection ensures the best services with heating sensing technology. If you're taking a step ahead for a new home purchase and want a thorough inspection of the property to confirm that nothing is lurking behind the walls, connect with us for affordable thermal imaging inspections. We have been offering such services in Enfield, CT, for a long time.

At VP home inspection, we have professional thermal imaging inspections to detect issues associated with moisture, insulation, electric hotspots, molds, or wood destroying organisms.

Our professionals are highly experienced in performing thermal imaging inspections in Enfield, CT, checking areas in the property with cold spots or leakages. The concealed areas having in-depth damages are also unveiled using this detector as it easily senses behind the walls to evaluate potential problems.

Let's Make You Clear How Thermal Imaging is helpful in Overal Property Check.

Enfield's Vantage Pointe professional thermal imaging inspections are known for the property's perfect diagnosis as the detector technology does not leave anything untouched. We offer affordable services to clients to help them know the limitations in property by unveiling all the realities concealed to give an attractive appearance.

Our experts visit the site location and use an infra-red thermal imaging device as a camera to develop actual output in areas with electromagnetic waves. Surface temperature also gets detected with IR imagers and gives thermal pattern virtual images. With this, our inspectors easily detect the location of air and water leakage in the property and insulation abnormalities in the home.

What We Do Using Thermal Imaging Technology?

At Vantage Pointe, we ensure you get professional and affordable thermal imaging inspections with absolute satisfaction to know about the status of the residential property located at Enfield, CT, in which you are looking to move in with loved ones.

Our trained inspectors using non-invasive thermal imaging technology can detect the potential issues in the property through thermal pattern images. These issues cannot be detected in general home inspection, and it's essential to be run through before you buy the home.

Here's what we find in the properties rendering professional thermal imaging inspections in Enfield CT

  • Moisture Detection

  • Energy leakage (due to improper insulation and weak barrier points)

  • Electrical faults (due to damaged units and overheated equipment)

  • Pest and Mold Inspection

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