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Importance of Residential Home Inspection Service Before Buying a Property

Buying a home is one of the highest monetary investments in a person’s life. Thus, it has to be perfect from the inside and outside. Just like every property is different, its inspection has to be distinctive; for that, you require the best and certified home inspector in Vernon, CT. These professional home inspectors will get you a comprehensive house report before residing there.
Certainly, a home inspection is a vital part while buying, because if you are thinking that your newly constructed house will be hundred percent perfect, then, you are probably wrong. A home is not just what it looks from the surface; it consists of various complex things like structural framing, physical components like electrical, plumbing, HVAC, senior accessibility features, and many more. This is why Connecticut residential home inspectors are both valuable and necessary.

What is Residential Home Inspection?

A residential home inspection is a visual examination of all the home components. A highly trained and certified home inspector in Vernon, CT, will examine your home from its foundation to the roof. After completing the home inspection, the inspector will provide detailed written reports and colored photographs for your reference.

Remember that the inspector will not be moving furniture or other items in the home for inspection.

What is Included in Residential Inspection Service?

Here are a few parts that cover a home inspection service, while checking the newly constructed property before moving into it.

Structure of the house

The home inspector will examine the foundation of a home and its overall construction. This includes checking windows and doors, any loose threshold, any rot, etc.

Exterior of the house

The exterior inspection of a house covers its roof and gutter system. It also includes the surrounding landscape such as walkways, driveways, steps, decks, convenient ramp for seniors’ wheelchairs, etc.

Interior of the house

The home’s interior inspection covers everything from chimney to attic, basement to walls, floors, or ceilings. The house inspector will highlight the minor issues and include them in the home inspection report. Common problems are also included, such as water damage, loose plaster, damaged fixtures, and more.


If there is slight water leakage in the house, it may create a big problem later. Thus, home inspectors cover the bathroom and kitchen areas as well as other water heating systems to ensure your house will be safe.


The home inspector will check electrical components for proper function, including electrical outlets, and HVAC units.

What to Expect?

When it is rare to find a house with zero issues, it becomes crucial to find a reliable and trustworthy home inspector who will provide a thorough inspection to identify issues and answer all the questions. The trusted Connecticut residential home inspectors will also provide you with suggestions for further steps, such as solving issues of leaky roofs.

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